Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My View: AQS Quilt Art Calendar

The 2011 Calendars are available from American Quilters Society! As usual they are a quilt lovers collection of beautiful prizewinning quilts from around the United States.

Klaudeen Hansen researched and selected the featured quilts. The front cover is of Sylvia Gegaregian's "In Full Bloom" which won Best Use of Embellishment at Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, CA. Gegaregian is from Portola Valley, CA.

Alternating pages of quilt photo and calendar keeps a quilt always in sight. I particularly like the information given about the quilts. Not only the maker, where he or she is from, the size of the quilt and who quilted it and what method used. It also tells a bit about inspiration, pattern origins, what award(s) have been won and even why the quilt was made. I always want to know more about techniques and materials used in these quilts, but I realize this is a calendar first, photo art second, and the cutlines are down the list of priorities.

Under Hendersonville, NC quilter Judith Heyward's 86-87-inch Swamp Hibiscus quilt it reads: "The beauty of the swamp hibiscus plant is so perfect, but each bloom only lasts for one day! Usually Judy designs spontaneously, but this particular quilt came toher as a complete vision in a 'wow' moment! Machine pieced, appliqued, and quilted. Best of Show winner at Cobblestone Quilt Show, Charleston, SC; Best Use of Color winnre at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show, Hampton, VA."

The background colors used on the pages sporting quilt photos is bright, some neon and well chosen to enhance the display of the quilts.

Judith has generously agreed to let Subversive Stitchers post a photo of her lovely Swamp Hibiscus quilt and includes the comments made on her website concerning the inspiration for this quilt.

"...And now I have entered a new faze of my life. We have moved back to the mountains of North Carolina--in Hendersonville. We love it here and I know that it is already begining to influence my quilting life. One of my recent quilts, Swamp Hibiscus, was designed early one morning as I was seated in my new living room and reflecting on how very fortunate I was to be able to return to this beautiful part of the world. In a way that was quite unusual for me, the design for this new work came to me as a completed quilt and I knew I would absolutely love it when it was finished. I feel as if I have new eyes now--eyes that are more open than ever before. And there is much to see all around me." -- Judith Heyward  

The assortment of quilts meets every technique, color, and construction inspiration and is not limited to traditional or contemporary. Many are a mixture of familiar patterns with a twist that takes it into a whole new realm of quilting. A helpful tool to keep you organized, this calendar also serves to inspire and entertain, filling the need for beauty that we all can never quite quench.

Okay, there is one quilt that each time I see it makes me head for the sewing room or start searching for the right fabrics. There is something about African prints that speak to me and the way Jan Hall of Des Moines, Iowa incorporates them into her 52x56-inch Africana VII -- The Dark Continent quilt makes me drool, drool, drool. Sorry, I don't have a photo to show you. I have a request in to AQS, but so far no response.

The paper choice, glossy, yes, but a bit lightweight for my taste, is not flimsy just not rich. Not quite up to the qulaity of the quilt images printed on it. Overall I would say it is a good product for the $13.95 price. The spiral binder makes it much easier to use. Not exactly keepsake quality, but the quilts will inspire you for the whole year -- maybe your own creativity will increase.


Kathleen C. said...

Swamp Hibiscus is beautiful! I also love to read the quilter's comments, techniques, process, etc. Thanks for sharing this with us. (Tho it's not expensive, I always go the frugal route with my calendars-or the free one from the bank!)
Kathleen C.

janet said...

That quilt is just exquisite, thanks for sharing it!

Judy Heyward said...

Thanks for the lovely write-up on my quilt, Swamp Hibiscus, Dawn. I had a lot of fun and satisfaction bringing that quilt into life and I love it when it can be shared with others.

quilt art said...

Looks like an excellent calendar. I better buy one. I've always been really impressed with quilt art. I don't understand how you guys create the things you do! It's amazing! Very inspiring