Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Finds: A couple techniques you might want to try

I've been on the hunt for the new, unusual, or useful. You may or may not already enjoy the projects I discovered today and what I began working on. Both topics made me smile and made my fingers itch to get started. I hope you'll join in and share some of the projects you're working on along these lines.

First up is plarn. Love the word. Love the concept. It is, if I understand correctly, yarn made by recycling plastic bags.

Directions for making plarn can be found here at My Recycled A great Earth Day project for all year around. I stumbled upon this site that has excellent directions for a purse crocheted out of VCR tapes and a basket crocheted out of plastic bags/plarn with a base that is a plastic microwave dinner tray. If you have other sites or projects to add to this, please do!

The second technique is the Disappearing 9-Patch quilt. It is a simple concept involving my beloved 9-patches. And made even simpler by starting with charm packages. Charm packs, in case you're confused, are what Moda calls a collection of 5-inch precut squares that you can purchase usually in packs of 40-50 for around $6-$8 dollars. It takes several packs to make a full size quilt of course. These packages of smaller cuts of fabric that are packaged together to introduce you to a whole collection are excellent ways to add to your stash.

The Disappearing 9-Patch begins with piecing together nine of the 5-inch squares together into a traditional nine-patch square. Make sure it is absolutely square, well pressed and starched or sized. Then cut this square down the center both horizontally and vertically. One person described it with a plus sign which is exactly how you cut this nine-patch square. +

For better directions and visual aids. Visit the blog "p.s. I quilt. This makes a quick and easy pattern for charity quilts or lap quilts for nursing homes or hospitals. Quick baby quilts, too.

Send me photos of your plarn and or Disappearing 9-Patch projects and I'll post them here. Send to my Subversive Stitchers email.

Hi Dawn
Here are some pictures of the disappearing 9 patch I used for a comfort quilt.  I added some random rectangles in between the disappearing 9 patch blocks.  This project really goes fast when you start with large size blocks, like 10".  You can find more on my blog here.  --Karen

What a great idea for a comfort quilt. Love the words and messages.
It gives me ideas for the ALS quilt(s) I am making. Thanks so much!  -- Dawn

Diane of O'Quilts sent along a photo of her solid color Disappearing 9 patch quilt. She wrote: "This is fun....Here is mine :)"

You can view more of her quilts at her blog that features old, new and antique quilts.

Thanks Diane for letting us see your Disappearing 9-Patch quilt.

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TheaM said...

during the oil crisis in the 70's, we were recycling our bread bags into crocheted doormats. This looks like a very similar process. We could have made those door mats so much faster if we had rotary cutters in those days!