Thursday, May 6, 2010

Karen McTavish featured in The Quilter Magazine

Just a little blatant self promotion here.

The article I wrote about Karen McTavish machine quilter extrordinaire is available now in The Quilter Magazine. It is in the July issue.

She is one of the most talented and giving people I've had the opportunity to interview. She does not censor her responses and totally trusts the interviewer to get it right. I certainly hope I did! And that the editor didn't make any drastic changes. I haven't seen the final copy, so I'm as anxious to see the article as everyone else.

Let me know if you've seen it!

Karen is truly a Subversive Stitcher. She's guest blogged here before. Check the column 'Guest Bloggers' to take you to her guest blog.

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Rebekah Crown said...

Beautiful work. She is such an inspiration