Sunday, May 2, 2010

Finished: Conversation with a Fairy by Beth Wheeler

Dang! I'm a day late and a dollar short! It was the perfect post for May Day when the fairies are rustling in the hedge rows and sprucing up their world for the Fairy Queen's visit! Please forgive me my tardiness -- fairies and subversive stitchers alike.

Beth Wheeler sent me photos of the great reveal of her Conversation with a Fairy piece which was the subject of her recent guest blog: Evolution of a Fantasy.

Beth wrote in an email: "The hanger is cold-forged copper tubing that has been flashed with a torch and stitched to the quilt. I love the way the colors in the flashed copper brings out the colors in the quilt. The translucent paints are from a formula I came up with, using Earth Safe Finishes Colorants, fabric medium, and mica powders.

Of course, I'm now afraid to go on to the next piece, for fear I'll mess the whole thing up."

She's is probably relaxing after having whipped her studio in shape for an open house that was scheduled for yesterday. She has photos of her studio on her blog and I am soooo jealous!

She also included detail shots. No need to fear messing up, Beth. I believe even your mistakes would be exceptional!

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