Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Update: Hearts for Anna

NOTE: The glitches are fixed on the Artful Home site. -- Dawn

The deadline draws near for participation in the fundraiser for Anna Millea who faces a barrage of chemo in her second round with cancer. She shouldn't have to face this alone nor without insurance.

Alone she is not with all of her friends and fellow artists.

Insurance we can't do much about right now, but I hope everyone will find a way to contribute and save this one woman's life. Below you can find out what you can do. -- Dawn

With just under two weeks until the online deadline for “Hearts for Anna” submissions, the first pieces are rolling in to Artful Home. I have to admit that I’m not the only one around our office who gets rather teary as we see all these beautiful works! We have open offices, so it is easy to hear the squeals of delight when yet another package arrives.

The work is, indeed, in every medium. This lovely fiber piece, “Morning Song” by Virginia Spiegel , is a beautiful miniature example of the artist’s hand. The lyrical quality combined with the strong graphic composition is a signature of Virginia’s, and is very moving.

In a completely different medium, but with very similar sentiment are “Encased Heart” by Nina Cambron and “Red Heart Paperweight” by acclaimed glass artist, Mark Rosenbaum. On our website, Nina is known for her painterly fused glass art clocks. In miniature, she captures the same beauty and exuberance in glass that has real textile sensibilities. Mark’s New Orleans locale clearly influences the spirit in his work.
There is still plenty of time to consider contributing a piece to this event, as the deadline for images is August 7. “Hearts for Anna” takes place online August 12-16, with all proceeds going to artist, Anna Millea, to help with her medical bills as she fights breast cancer alone, having been deemed uninsurable. More details here.

Check out a previous blog concerning the fundraiser for Anna.


Sarah Pozdell said...

Thank you for all the posts and support that you've given to the Hearts for Anna effort. It means a lot that you are getting the word out there. I can't wait to see your piece in person. It looks beautiful.

Dawn said...

Sarah, I do very little and am frustrated that I can't do more for Anna and for all of the worthy causes.

Each time I turn around there is another need -- quilts for refugees, for premature babies, for mothers who choose life over abortion for their babies, quilts for our soldiers and sailors and so many people like Anna who have run out of ways to maintain quality of life. And of course quilts to raise awareness and funds for research for diseases such as Alzheimers Disease and ALS and cancer.

I pray we can help Anna get the treatments she needs and the funds to pay for all of it.

Subversive Stitchers have, through the ages, found ways to address social ills and health needs -- we can do no less than the women who came before us. Even if we must do it one stitch at a time!

Thank you for your hard work and contributions!