Monday, July 6, 2009

Call for SAQA Artists: "Sense of Direction: Sightlines"

Multi-media artist Virginia Spiegel provides information about an upcoming SAQA invitational that she will curate, with entry deadline: August 15, 2009.

It’s always an honor to be asked to jury or curate an exhibit. I am particularly excited to curate Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) new invitational, Sense of Direction: Sightlines.

Sightlines is an opportunity for fourteen invited artists to create a suite of artwork, on a schedule and within the specifications, that is (pick your own adjectives): groundbreaking, challenging, exciting, stunning, unusual, dynamic, provocative, meaningful . . ..

It is safe to say, in case you hadn't guessed, that I am looking for artists who are able to create artwork that will stop viewers in their tracks. Sightlines' unique format is a golden opportunity to take risks and I hope the chosen artists will do just that.

It is my hope that not only will the individual artist's artwork be compelling, but that the exhibit as a whole will become an organic/ synergistic system compelling viewers to move through the exhibit.

Each artist will create from one to four major artworks with a line, literal or implied, beginning and ending at the edges of the piece(s), but meandering at will through the piece(s). On each side of the major artwork(s) will be two 8x8" square artworks with the sightline through the center of the squares. These square artworks will help create a continuous line and visual connection throughout the entire exhibit. Each artist will have a 10’ wide space to fulfill her/his vision through five to eight artworks.
This concept is somewhat difficult to visualize, but visiting this exhibition by tACTile, an Australian group of textile artists, should give an idea of the inspiration for and concept of Sightlines. The format allows artists to pursue their own themes while presenting intriguing connections among all the artworks.
Jenny Bowker walks us through her series that was part of the Eyeline exhibit. "This is a series of quilts based on events in my life. I wanted them to feel thoughtful and autobiographical. I was staying in a hospital hostel at the time the quilts had to be made, and in a way this affected several factors. My daughter had been badly burned and everything narrowed so that everything was black or white - important, or it did not matter at all!
The quilts had to be small so that they could be worked on in any location. I needed to carry minimal fabric and the limited palette helped to hold very different elements together and carry through a story line as well as an 'Eyeline'.

Shimmer - the first seven years
Flowering - puberty and partners - flowering times
My Cup Runneth Over - my four beautiful children
Long Cold Winter - the difficult years - divorce and financial stress.
Patterns Sliding through My Fingers - the making of work and creativity
The Perfect Pattern - I have always loved this pattern. I am aware it looks like a memorial but I have always loved the way the crosses fit together like jigsaw pieces so perfectly, complex, but simple at the same time. I had had good and bad times, times which are mundane and times which are spectacular. All of them lock together to make me what I am, and there is not one thing that I would change.

I truly have no preconceived roster of artists in mind for this exhibition and hope a wide and diverse pool of artists (who must be SAQA members) will submit a Request for Consideration. There is no charge to be considered for this exhibit and the Request format is quite informal.

The prospectus for Sightline is online in the Members’ Home section of the SAQA website. The deadline for sending a Request for Consideration is August 15, 2009.

The exhibition premiers at International Quilt Festival in Houston in 2011 and travels to the International Quilt Festivals in Chicago and Long Beach. A Sense of Direction: Sightlines will also be available for travel. Inquires may be made here.

Please feel free to contact me at Virginia(at) with any questions.

PHOTOS: Road to Lancefield by Beth and Trevor Reid. Two of the three of this series are shown here, not doing the trio proper justice. Please view them here. They were part of the "Eyeline" exhibit. "They are hand and commercial dyed cotton fabric, hand painted, wool polyester batting, machine pieced and quilted, machine embroidered, fusible applique. The background is free motion machine quilting. The Eyeline of trees and grass is free machine embroidered and the rocks are applied using fusible applique and hand painted for depth."

Bio: Virginia A. Spiegel creates art for the wall from her own hand-painted fabrics, as well as mixed-media collages. Her artwork is known for its evocative use of color and its focus on the beauty of everyday nature. She also frequently comments upon the complexity of human nature. In part, she hopes to inspire others to notice and take action against the current devaluation of the natural world. The thirteen trips Spiegel has taken with her sister in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness have greatly influenced the subject and direction of her artwork in recent years.


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