Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Question of the Day: Do you Tessellate?

I just finished writing an article about Tessellation for Suite 101 and can't get the process out of my head. Have you experienced the tessellation mania?

Semd a photo of your project to my email to post here with a link back to your blog or website. Or tell us about your 'affair' with tessellating.

And feel free to read about tessellation in my article -- let me know what you think.  -- Dawn

I love a quick response. Here's the first photo.  It was recommended by Diana Feit. Unusual in that it uses two shapes -- birds and fishes. The pattern can be downloaded from Quilters Newsletter. It looks like a fun way to use gently curved piecing, too.

Thanks Diana!

Christine Thresh offers her Elephants Around block that she's selling. Part of the proceeds, she said, goes toward the Elephant Sanctuary. It is a play on the Snail's Trail pattern. Note the interlinked trunks.

The pattern can be purchased at Christine's website.


shiny4444 said...

Love it! I've had an Escher quilt in my head for a while now, tessellating fish, or maybe I'd do birds...that's as far as it's got but I'm hoping to do it one day


By Hoki Quilts said...

I have had an affair of sorts with tessellations and Escher since training to be a teacher and sitting through maths lectures. Tessellations have a wonderful way of teaching geometry and the power of 360 degrees, as all internal angles when meeting at a point measure exactely that, regardless of where and when the lines finish. There are some awesome designs to be found through 'google', or better still have a go yourself. Try starting with a rectangle cut out a shape and add it to the direct opposite side, continue on the other two sides. If you trace this design you will find that by retracing the design they will all fit together as the initial shape (rectangle) angles all add up to 360 deg. This became a favourite subject to teach, probably because I was able to sneak in a bit of patchwork planning too.

Lisa said...

I have loved the elephant block for some time as I have a child who is an elephant lover. I am amazed by the bird and fish. These are so beautiful! Now I need to make time to read your article.