Sunday, October 18, 2009

Congratulations to the Houston Winners 2009

It's been a very good year for art quilts and quilting in general. And although I think all of our Subversive Stitchers are winners!!! We have a few with the ribbons (and prize money) to show for it.

I just visited the site and many of the winners are already posted. I saw some very familiar names there and even some familiar quilts that have been featured here at Subversive Stitchers: Women Armed with Needles. Check out the guest blogs for more photos of their work and a discussion of their process and techniques and inspiration. Just click on the artist's name in the right column listed under 'Guest Blogs."

The competition was tough and talented and oh so inspiring. To even be included in such an impressive array of quilts would be enough. But to win!

Way to go!

Please, please, please, speak up if I missed your quilt in this list!!!

Robbi Joy Eklow garnered a 2nd place award for her imaginative (and dare I say 60s reminiscence with the glowing oranges and purples) for iCandy 3.0. Love that title! She won in the Art Abstract-Large competition. (Above)

Building Up by Kathy York won first place in Art Abstract, Small. Her Falling Through the Cracks brought Kathy a 3rd place in the Embellished category. (both shown here)

Maria Elkins, one of our favorite guest bloggers, won at least two prizes. Her lovely Violinist won an honorable mention in the Art Miniature category and Broken Dishes walked away with a 2nd place award in Art- People, Portraits and Figures category.

Hollis Chatelaine may have earned a first prize in the Art Painted Surface contest, but our own Judy Coates Perez received an honorable mention for her Moon Garden. You had some pretty prestigious competition, Judy. Love the stylized art and use of colors to represent moonlight and just that one focus of bright color -- one red bird.

Gloria Hansen, who will be guest blogging here in the near future, made quite an impression in the Digital Imagery category with a third place for Circles Collide and an Honorable Mention for Witley Decay.

As mentioned before, Lynn Drennen's Grape Harvest received a first place award in the Group Quilt Category. Gina Perkes and Marilyn J. Smith made up the rest of the group. And Gina won the Future of Quilting award -- again.  (See Lynn's guest blog and the right column for photo)

I felt compelled to include Noriko Endo's Autumn Enchantment in honor of the blog about confetti quilts. I love that technique on so many levels and she does it soooo well. Her quilt won an honorable mention in Art Naturescapes.

For the full list of winners in the Houston International Quilt Festival, visit the website.


Lis said...

Stunning work, well done to everybody.

magpie said...

Congratulations to everyone. Superb work.

Amy - Park City Girl said...

These are stunning! Thanks for sharing :)