Friday, August 21, 2009

Update from Hearts for Anna

I want to thank you -- no pun intended -- from the bottom of my heart for contributing to a most successful "Hearts for Anna" event.

I don't know if you tracked the event, but we were nearly sold out of all artist-donated pieces within the first 2 hours. Ultimately, we sold every piece, and then added additional pieces from which we called the "gallery" and from which we donated all of our profit.

Between the event pieces, the gallery pieces, and 5% of all our sales throughout the event, today we sent a check to Anna for more than $14,000!

Regardless of where you stand within the healthcare debate that is raging right now, you helped an artist who is struggling through the obstacles of our current healthcare system while she battles for her life.
You didn't have to do it, but you did.
You didn't have to care, but you did.

You didn't have to give your time, energy, and materials, but you did.

Thank you so very much.
My best wishes to you,
Lisa Bayne

NOTE: Lisa Bayne was the driving force behind this Artful Home fundraiser to benefit fabric artist Anna Millea. She deserves a hearty thank you and pat on the back for a job well done!
Lisa added in an email: "In addition, we were thrilled that our site did not crash, as traffic to the site quadrupled from normal, with much of it happening in the first hour!" That gives you an idea of how many of you stepped up to help.

Let me add my thanks to all of you who stepped up and made a difference -- a $14,000 difference! And in addition, you reassured Anna that we find her, AND her life, AND her health valuable!
We love you Anna -- now get well soon! -- Dawn

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Aussie Jo said...

Fantastic effort on the fundraiser everyone.

In Australia we have a national healthcare scheme, which works great most of the time, unless you are on the waiting list for non essential surgery, not so good for pensioners and their worn out knees and hips. However I have had occasion to use the system for a child with a severe asthma attack, no charge for hospital stay (unlike the US) and another child who requires ongoing appointments for Perthes disease (subsidised visits to specialist).
With this in mind, and other stories from Aussie travellers who have needed hospital treatment in US, I have just signed the petition to support Obama's national health scheme for the US. Others might like to have a look: