Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit brings together two favorite mediums

Whenever knitting and quilting come together in the same project, I hear angels sing. Or maybe its just my own voice shouting, "Hallelujah!"
Lynn Krawczyk created a heavenly quilt: 1000 Stitchers, pictured here. She also brings together my two other favorite mediums -- fabric artists and good causes.

Busy curating the 2009 Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit, Lynn took a moment to explains her thinking behind this adorable quilt.

"I made it as part of the 2008 Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit. The theme of the exhibit was "With One Voice" and it was about people or organizations that do good. Franklin Habit's 1000 Knitters Project is very empowering and a huge self confidence booster, he's just great."

One of Habit's beliefs, “If the U.N. had any sense, it would require all delegates to knit during sessions. We could eliminate famine, war and economic injustice in about a week and a half.”

Not to mention with the whole U. N. contingent knitting and purling, they could make enough socks and scarves and hats to more than clothe the people served by a long list of charitable knitting projects. (Caps for Kids and Scarves for Veterans, for example).

Habit also draws and published a book "It Itches" with a variety of knitting related cartoons and essays as well as brief tongue-in-cheek snippets from famous diaries regarding knitting. For example:

Edgar Allan Poe
(1809-1849), writer

The weather being very fine, I sat for some hours int he park to work the
second of the pair of stockings I wish to give Lenore as a birthday gift. When
for a moment my back was turned, its finished mate was plucked clean from my
knitting basket by a large raven. I am sick at heart to think I shall see it
nevermore. (Note to self: Poss. story idea here?)

But, back to Lynn's quilt.

Her artist statement explains: "This quilt honors ... the diversity of knitters and the beauty of the craft. I began knitting two years ago during a difficult time in my life and I have leaned on this art ever since as a form of meditation and comfort. The knitted fabric on this quilt has 1000 stitches in it. I am always amazed at the kindness of knitters and the bonds that are instantly formed when we meet for the first time. Franklin's project is a symbol of the ties that link every knitter together."

Lynn is all about making every stitch count! The 2008 Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit raised more than $1000 for Virginia Spiegel's Fabric Art For a Cause.

Now this year her stitches and organizational skills will help support Bernie Berlin's "A Place to Bark" a non-profit dog rescue that helps provide loving homes for abused dogs.

Above are two quilts from the 2009 exhibit, created by Wendy L. Starn -- Her Yin-Yang kittens Boris and Natasha, and Dancing in the Moonlight.

For more information on how to donate or support the exhibit, visit Lynn Krawczyk's site. August 15th was the last day for sending quilts for this year's exhibit. But don't forget -- there's next year's exhibit to consider! Another worthy cause and another need for quilts. Also, you can sign up to have the exhibit displayed at your event. And you can definitely support the chosen charity: Bernie Berlin's "A Place to Bark." Send donations and mention Breaking Traditions.

Nobody loves you like your dog -- here's a chance to return a measure of that love and give a dog a good home while ending abuse. There should be a special place in hell for anyone who abuses a dog or cat or any creature! But especially dogs. Cause they are all about love and forgiveness.

How can you not LOVE this face? He's one of Bernie's babies that she has been able to rescue from an abusive situation. Make a dog smile and support Bernie.

And don't forget Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit! The exhibit will hang in the American Sewing Expo in Novi, MI. before going on tour. The 2008 exhibit is now traveling. -- Dawn


Lisa Chin said...

What a beautiful quilt and a wonderful project! Thank you for sharing these links.

Stacy West said...

I think your table runner is fresh. original and lovely. I wish I could see it closer.
Stacy West

Dawn said...

Thanks for your encouraging words, Stacy.