Friday, May 22, 2009

Some Eye Candy

I apologize for being so long between blogs.
We live in the House of Chaos at the moment. We are in the process of home remodeling and my office keeps getting shifted from room to room and I can't seem to focus when the saws screech and the smoke alarm goes off or the workers walk past. I know, these are only excuses.
I fitted most everything we own in two rooms, one of which was the sewing (crap) room and mostly I live in limbo until the floors are finished. I'm sure most of you can relate.
And most of you have probably coped much better than I am.
But I wanted to share this beautiful quilt with you from the National Quilt Show 2008. Cathy Pilcher of Sperry, West Chester, Ohio created this mixed media quilt that won Best of Show for Wall Quilt. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. And as you can see, I once again was drawn to the black and white squares -- the nine patches attract me like a bee to honey. Of course the movement and color choices, balance and beauty of it certainly makes me smile. From Cathy's other award winning quilt, I see she's a nut for checkerboards, too.
Way to go Cathy!!! Is anyone planning to make the trek to Columbus in June for the next NQA show?

I wish, I wish.

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