Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh say can you see?

Memorial Day will soon be here and Independence Day won't be far behind.

Patriotism is in style regardless of the date. Yet particularly this time of year I yearn for some red, white and blue -- or some turquoise and gold as in Judy Niemeyer's starburst quilt.

Have you seen the beautiful patriotic fabrics for sale in every shop? I can't resist them and have used several in fabric bowls and a delightful Ohio Star quilt that is progressing VERY slowly.

It was the Ohio Stars included
in this 36x54-inch Colonial Flag Quilt that drew me to it. Perhaps this reflects my country roots. I can see this displayed on the porch of my childhood home.

And I can see Mom making a redwork quilt featuring patriotic themes stitched together with star spangled borders.

Memorial Day is a big deal in the little town of LaFayette, Ohio and that's probably where my heart will be on that date. A parade, flags everywhere, fire engines, marching band, antique cars, chicken barbecue served by the volunteer firemen, and most of all the reunion -- people return to LaFayette and reconnect with friends and family they may not have seen for years. So mixed in with my concept of patriotism and honoring those who sacrificed for my freedom, are all the familiar faces I've seen gather along the streets of my little home town.

And there is that element that I can't shake even though I've
been out of high school for wayyyy too many years. Memorial Day and the first days of summer vacation. What could be a more perfect combination?

This cool patriotic plaid pattern, free from Moon Over Mountain, looks like the flags that line the parade route. The curves simulate movement and the fabric combinations l
ook so rich.

If you need patriotic inspiration, take a look at Karey Bresenhan's book "America From the Heart" that includes images of 270 quilts "made in response to the events of September 11, 2001. It shared a message of sorrow, unity, and hope from quilts all over the world. These quilts are truly works from the heart, created in the six weeks following the terrorist attacks as an expression of the artist' immediate, agonized feelings."

Or maybe this Salute to the Troops 24x24-inch quilt will fit your needs, made by Janet Foggy-Befort."

Then of course there is no shortage of quilts that incorporate more opinion and history as with this Faith Ringgold's expressive controversial art quilt.

But I admit when Memorial Day arrives, I feel like waving the flag, not discussing it and its checkered past.

I enjoy this Obama era and don't want anything to spoil it, so I'm looking for a positive statement in a patriotic flag, it could even have a presidential figure with it -- like any of the Obama quilts.

This quilt reminds me of fireworks and celebration. I think of the beauty and patriotic music of those displays.

A patriotic quilt can be such a
n easy project -- as long as you combine red, white and blue, does the pattern really matter? And if you doubt you can make it before Memorial Day -- check out Eleanor Burn's Star Spangled Favorites. Yes, a 'quilt in a day' project.

Anyone who wants to share their star-spangled, patriotic quilts with us? I'll be glad to add them to this blog. Just add a comment and let me know where to get the photo.

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