Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Samaritans

It has been a week of miracles and special kindnesses and I just want to share a few of them with you.

1. I sent a message to Cabin Fever Quilt Guild in Orlando, asking if their guild would be interested in making a raffle quilt for the ALS Association to help raise funds for research. Joyce Scarbrough and Trish Bowman stepped forward. Trish, who is starting up a new business with her long arm quilting machine has offered to piece the top and provide the quilting -- without charge. We met today and I instantly felt like we were old and dear friends. Quilting tends to bind us together, doesn't it? We picked a pattern and Wednesday morning we're going fabric shopping together. I am still in shock that anyone would set aside a month of her life without batting an eye. Joyce stands at the ready to assist in any way. If you're interested in a view of the pattern we chose, look at the photo of Eleanor Burns Egg Money Quilt. The second pattern from the top right -- a kind of starburst or tulip design depending on what your eye sees -- will be repeated on each block of the quilt top and then surrounded by similar borders as is on this quilt. Made using Florida colors, I hope it will spark alot of quilt lust!

2. The Quilting Arts group have helped me find a delightful solution to my sewing machine quest. I have been seeking a machine for several years, and for the past few months have been checking out various machines. Most of them costing about $1000 more than I'd like to pay. Well the group pointed out a dependable machine that many of them use and adore: A Brother 6000. It seems to do all of the things I need a machine to do and the cost -- $170. A miracle. I ordered one this weekend and can't wait for its delivery. Thank you, you wonderful people. Someone on that list has the answer to everything! This little machine is computerized so it will help me bridge the gulf between my 1970 Kenmore and the new technology. At that price I won't hesitate to experiment and use the machine, and if I find I need a machine that cost $1000 more -- I'll be ready for it after learning everything on this one. Not to mention my husband is in accountant heaven over the price.

3. Not exactly quilt related, but definitely Good Samaritan and miracle related. The dear friend of my husband who has been doing yard work for us has been overwhelmed with family responsibilities lately and when our yard began looking like an unused pasture, our neighbor, Bill, sneaked over and mowed it. Then under cover of 'I need the exercise' offered to mow it all of the time. He was so convincing, we said yes, if he would use our equipment to do both yards. Its a deal!

4. And dear friend, artist and art quilter, Eileen Doughty will be posting a blog any day now. You won't want to miss it!

I would love to hear your Good Samaritan and miracle stories. Please share.


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