Thursday, March 5, 2009

Buy American!

I like the ring to that title:

Buy American! Buy American!

In the past it has been Buy America -- we're for sale! But this is a new morning and I like the idea of supporting my country one product at a time.

My question is -- can artists find products that are American made? Our country has been looted and plundered and our jobs shipped overseas -- do we still make decent products here?

Anyone want to step up and recommend an American made product? I'm off to the library to do some research. Let me know what American products you buy. They don't need to be simply art or fabric products but anything from toilet paper and light bulbs to cosmetics to tea and cummerbunds.

A quick Google search brings up several listings under the topic USA made products.
Still made in the USA,
American Made products and services,
Americans working.

You will be encouraged to know that the USA continues to make Taxidermy tools -- helping hand hangers, solid waste equipment which is MUCH different than solid waste materials. And maybe of interest to Virginia Spiegel and her sister -- fishing poles!

One site calls buying American the "Next American Revolution!" and "Patriotic Spending."

So, did you find products you purchase on any of those lists?


karenfae said...

and don't be fooled by the outside packaging - it might say made in the USA but when you open the package you will see it isn't always true - we recently bought a new printer - one part said USA, then the printer cartridges was from someplace else, the cord from another country, the booklet from another -- at least 4 or 5 countries was involved in making our printer!

Dawn said...

Ohhh I hadn't thought about that. Thanks for pointing that out. I have to admit though, I didn't realize the USA even made printers any more. Even parts of printers. So I am heartened to hear that they do at least a little bit.


Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Antique Shops are full of made in America items!!! :)

Dawn said...

What a great idea Barbara! And maybe better made than new!

I'm seeking a sewing machine -- is there such a thing as an American made sewing machine? Or at least a foreign machine with plants in the U.S. that employs Americans?