Monday, February 4, 2008

Alternative world of crafts

I admit that I live in the sublime world of ignorance most of the time. What I don't know doesn't hurt me -- well, that's debatable. Closer to the truth, what I don't know usually means I am missing out on something.

And I've been missing out on a total other-world of crafts. Embroidery for those moments when Hallmark doesn't have a message (i.e. Kiss my ass; Bitch; Fuck off); dolls that look like evil-faced zombies or something from that old movie Beetle Juice. Plush toys with eye patches. T-shirts and accessories that include images of birds pooping on your ice cream cone or nerdy birds wearing glasses or snobby cats followed by their snobby, yet adorable, kittens.

All and more can be found at the Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts Fairs. Another blogger has beat me to the coverage on this, I suspect many have. But they have opened my eyes to another world. For a list of vendors and more information about the Crafty Bastards, check out Washington City Paper's list with links to the vendors that will participate in the arts and crafts festivals.

I keep returning to the Damned Dollies site and wondering just what little girl would you gift with such a creation. You know, I've met alot of little hellions that I might enjoy giving them to. But then maybe I'm missing the point. These are not gifts of vengence, but gifts for the open minded who embrace whatever speaks to them in whatever mood they're in.

It isn't all about damned dollies or profanity or even about bird poop. Artists offer the unusual piece of jewelry that you can't find elsewhere. If you can imagine it, there's probably something even stranger out there. Or something lovely such as the plants and pots made by greenware design -- pots made by one artist, succulent gardens inserted in said pot, by another.

Artists who have grown weary with the commercial fare offered to consumers have dug deep into their creative treasure trove and brought out the most amazing, uncensored, original art. Yes there's a lot of kitsch, but there's something for just about every taste, particularly those who are tired of looking and wearing and buying what everyone else has.

As an artist, (not me, you), ideas abound for you to draw upon for your own work. Will I see devil babies on the quilts at next year's shows? Why not?

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