Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heart Season

Is your fancy turning to love, hearts and Valentine's Day? Want a little something to remind you of romance, something that won't give you thunder-thighs or kick up your allergies? Well, diamonds would certainly fill the bill, but if you're minding your budget after the holidays, maybe a sweet flowery watercolor quilt will make your heart flip. And yes, speaking of hearts, why not create a heart design such as the one on this little quilt, similar to what D. Pappas features on the front of her Quick Watercolor Quilts book?

Of course there is always the log cabin heart quilt -- not too difficult. The foundation pieced heart....well all of these ideas are compiled on a hearts on quilts website.

Down here in Florida and I suppose elsewhere, there is a delightful vine -- well an insidious vine if left unattended -- but it has the most perfect heart-shaped leaves. Whenever I envision hearts on quilts, I see this vine. Hearts twining everywhich way, clinging, blowing in the breeze, embracing.

For a more formal arrangement of hearts and romance, I discovered C. Jean Horst's "Heart of Roses" quilt book. It is such a delightful change from the usual Valentine or heart fare, yet so traditional and reflects on the Amish techniques of the author's Lancaster County.

Of course there is a different kind of heart quilt -- those made for charities that help adults and children dealing with loss, grief, illness, heart disease, neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's, etc. Google heart quilts and you'll find these groups in the mix. Or maybe get a few friends together and make a quilt for an organization or someone near and dear to your heart who is having a hard time of it.

In 2008, we can make a difference. We MUST make a difference. Just look into your heart and find what it is you should be doing to help yourself and your fellow man. Giving to others -- now that's what I call true love.

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