Saturday, February 13, 2010

Victorian hearts and hearts for a cause -- how divine!

Is there anything more romantic than this lacy embroidered and so beautiful crafted crazy quilt valentine square? It has everything and beautifully done.

Maureen Greeson, the creator of this gem, said it appeared on the front cover of some now defunct Crazy Quilt magazine and she at one time offered kits of this square.

Now she maintains her blog, an online shop and teaches at several venues. She, Sharon Boggon, Betty Pillsbury and Allison Aller are teaming up to teach: An Adventure In Crazy Quilting. The class is sceduled in Connecticue in April.

For more information check out Maureen's blog and give a pattern a try that she demonstrates to make an adorable antique bonnet pincushion.

She does Victorian so well!

Another heart art form can be found today among the ladies of the Amish.

This Amish hanging was made by Anne Carter in 2000. She got the idea from The Quilter's Guide to Amish Quilts by Jan Jefferson & Maggi McCormick Gordon.

It has very simple heart shaped hand quilting. And the trademark black paired with vibrant colored fabrics. I think Amish is such a great example of 'subversive' stitching. A way to combine beauty and utility and for the women to have a voice and even a bit of power in the community. The Mennonite quilt auctions speak loudly for how revered these quilts have become.

I must mention that Virginia Spiegel's Totes Tuesday has a special HeART package that you might want to check out and post a bid.

In addition to a dozen or so one-of-a-kind themed fiber-related totes for ToteTuesday on February 16, you will be seeing special artwork up for bid. Peggy Schroder asked well-known artists to donate artwork based on a heart theme for the HeART tote. These special artworks will be offered individually.

This is a photo from Elin Waterston’s Mi Corazon from the HeART tote. The mixed-media artwork is 6×5 inches.

Joining Elin’s artwork will be this highly layered artwork by Terri Stegmiller: Terri’s artwork is 10×10 inch on gallery wrapped canvas that was textured with molding paste. Then layers of paint were added along with stamped and stenciled designs.

A preview of all the artwork for ToteTuesday 3 on February 16 will be posted to my website on Monday, February 15 with the link posted here on my blog. A mini-preview of all the totes not yet up for bid is here.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 for the American Cancer Society. We are over half way there with $5675 already donated and two ToteTuesdays yet to come.