Friday, December 24, 2010

Missing in Action

Confetti Cats inspired by Teri Stegmiller's cats quilt
I owe you all an apology for being so slow to post this year and especially this past month.

As many of you know Mom died on Dec. 3. Although she was 98 and had been 'herself' through every inch of her life, it was so hard to let her go, especially since I hadn't been able to be with her these past six years.

We always thought we'd be together at least one more time in this world. None of us can dictate the way our lives with go. We do what we must. We do what we can. And the rest we must just let it go.

Thank you everyone who have been faithfully visiting the blog and have been participating in the lively discussions on the Subversive Stitchers facebook page. This community of shining, creative, loving and supportive women and men have kept me afloat through some trying times and times of loss. I can't thank you enough.

I'm looking forward to a new year when I will actually finish something. I've included a photo of my confetti cats that I started this year. A photo of some disappearing nine patch quilts, yet to be quilted. I know we all have a hefty collection of UFOs.
Disappearing 9-Patch top made for the ALS challenge

But setting aside the UFOs. What else is in store for 2011 for you? A new technique? A class you've been itching to take? A trip to Houston? A quilt exhibited in Houston or other shows? Please let us know.

I received my copy of QuiltLife magazine yesterday and my little essay about hoarding was included.

It reminded me that I still need to clean the 'crap' room and after seeing my photo in the magazine, I realize that I must update my photos! And that means a bit of attention to image.

I must admit that I like the me with threads (okay, patches) of silver in my hair. It reminds me of Mom. She went gray gracefully with lovely salt and pepper hair before devolving into a head of silvery white waves. Yet, I'm not sure I'm quite ready for people to see the snow on the roof and discount me. Although I must admit that any one would be a fool to look at women such as Pamela Allen and decide her hair color meant she wasn't vital and young at heart. So maybe I need to work on heart rather than hair color. Pamela is my role model!

Hopefully we can all come together in the New Year with more vitality, more energy, more strength to accomplish what we set our minds to do. Whether it be confetti cats or strengthing our voice as we shout for world peace, end to hunger, a cure for disease, or more love and care for the children of our world. Together we can accomplish so much! We have! We will!

So, lets shout it out. Tell us what you'll do in 2011! We'll help you. Together we can do it!

My goals are simple: Finish what I started. In 1981 I began a writing career and along the way I have started several unfinished manuscripts. Some deserve to be unfinished, others still show potential and deserve a chance to see the light of day. So 2011 will be the year of the pen for me.

I also hope to finish some quilts to help support Kathy Thompson's Hopes and Dreams project to raise funds for ALS research and patient support. If nothing else, I hope to make quilts for ALS victims to snuggle under and find whatever comfort they can.

I also want to work toward regular blog entries, new guest bloggers, reviews of books and products, and more of my own fabric creations, efforts and even some flubs. And for anyone interested, I hope to continue writing regularly for The Quilter magazine's machine quilting section. There are so many talented machine quilters whose work needs to be seen and admired and whose stories need to be told. I hope to continue doing that. Just finished writing about Ronda S. Beyer. If you haven't seen her work, you definitely should.

I'm looking forward to the new year. I hope you are, too. Watch us grow together as our dreams come true in 2011! So again I ask -- What will 2011 hold for you?