Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Theo, Yes I Do Adore This Sweetie!

Note that dear Theo is helping me at the keyboard and is
pointing to a DVD made by Kathy McNeil regarding
applique. A really good and easy to follow DVD, by
the way!
Yes, I am rather obsessed with our new kitten. We haven't had a kitten in the house for almost a decade! So this is almost like being a grandma! He can do no wrong. (Almost).  He comes running and jumps in my arms. He cuddles against my neck and purrs, relaxing and totally trusting me. He noses me and pats me and comes toward me rather than running away. He listens. He minds! (Most of the time.) He really likes to be with both of us and has assigned himself a long list of responsibilities (3 a.m. wake up call -- we're working to change that one). Also he wrestles my husband's shoes into submission, oversees the getting up and getting to bed process for him, and stands guard at the sink to make sure he properly brushes his teeth. I don't know how we ever got along without Theo!

Theo also knows when I need a hug, when I'm nodding off at the keyboard and need wakened up, and although a very quiet cat, he will meow if he has lost track of me.

Theo is a sweetheart and I've posted several photos of him on Facebook.

Today I posted a favorite photo of him in his sweet little basket with, yes, it is hand knitted, blanket. It is rather nostalgic because I fear that he's moving into a new phase of his life where he will be spending more time in his clubhouse.

Theo in his little basket on the fireplace mantle (BIG mantle) with
his handknit blanket (same pattern as I used for Alexa)
Yes, my little man has decided that he really REALLY likes a box in the laundry room and has adopted it as his own.

Here's the laundry room club house.
And in reference to last night's blog about the missing ball... it is still missing! Not a sign of it! Tonight I will try to make an even better ball for him, maybe I'll tether it to something. I wonder if I could put some microchip in it, a GPS device so I could track it down.... Maybe a bit extreme....


Judys Lace Creations said...

What a sweet little kitty.i am really enjoying reading about that bundle of mischief.Hmm..that's ball's lost now...secreted away where only kitties know!

crazylegs said...

What a cutie! It really is a wonderful thing when they take over your heart and you can't remember what it was like before they adopt you. Like falling in love again.

Dawn said...

So glad you are enjoying Theo, too! He makes us laugh, and love, and move a little faster trying to keep up with him. All good things.

Heather Pregger said...

Theo is a cutie! I had to laugh at the box photo -- my cat is obsessed with boxes. He commandeers every one that comes into the house.