Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I just saw an innovative new design in sewing machine that not only sews, it dyes the thread to match the fabric.

Want me to repeat that? Sounds like a dream come true? Maybe it is!

And look at the design.

No problem getting the fabric where you want it, bunching it up against the trunk of the machine. The sewing surface is wide open.

I am not endorsing this machine, not having used it. But what I see so far -- it looks like someone is thinking outside of the box and heading in the right direction for serious fabric artists. And those of us who like to look like artists!

Here's a link to the site that tells more about this delightful innovation.

Of course my dear husband's first response to my, "I want it!" was of course -- "How much!"

I don't have an answer for him. Does anyone else know the cost of this machine? Or has anyone used it?

I'm thinking it may not be in production, but is a winning concept that connects with other aspects of fabric manipulation. Here's a comment from the sewing machine's co-designer Anna Muller: "The concept Leitfaden is an all-embracing product system. It simplifies the procedure and allows for a simple, fast entrance into the craft. Provided with a lasercutter, the Leitfaden drapery shops offer customized pattern-cuttings. The ergonomically optimized Leitfaden sewing-machine offers more free workspace. All features are clearly arranged in the operation unit. The chosen mode is backlit while the current stitch pattern is projected onto the fabric as a guideline. A pneumatic JetAir-system handles the threading while a built-in yarn printer can colour the universal yarn into every desired colour by means of a sensor." 


Jewelry Making Tools said...

Wow, that is sooo incredibly cool! Before I read your text, I saw the CMYK cartridges and thought no... that's got to be a hoax... that's so amazing! Now if they could only come up with something like that for knitting... I ran out of yarn on a hat and now the center top is very obviously darker than the rest... too bad!

Carol said...

From what I was able to find out it is a concept design at the moment so there is nothing available for sale or a price set yet.

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Sandra said...

eyes widened, breath caught; this is totally amazing!