Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day dear friends and fellow stitchers!

Many of you have generously shared your hearts with us and I added a few I couldn't resist from around the Internet. Enjoy!

QuiltBus offers a broad assortment of cat quilts and many feature hearts. But this one, That Lovin Feline, for some reason is my favorite. I hope to hang this in my house one of these days! A kind of upside down heart formed with the body shapes makes this a 'heart' quilt with a feline touch that makes my heart sing!

QuiltBus says, "These two cats are sitting with tails intertwined as they snuggle together under their parasol. That Lovin' Feline will melt the heart of any cat lover. This charming quilt measures 13" x 17". Pattern includes easy-to-follow instructions and full-size applique artwork. Order That Lovin Feline from Friendship Designs for 8.00 This pattern is eligible for the first class shipping rate.

Gerrie Congdon created these colorful collages. The first one was donated to a Hearts for Anna fundraiser.

Gerrie explained, "It is my own hand dyed and printed fabric. This was made for a person who works for The Artful Home. She had breast cancer and no health insurance.

They had a hearts for Anna auction and artists could donate heart related art for the auction. I made this with hand dyed fabric background with embellishments of silk and organza that are dye painted. I did some seed stitching in the brown fabric using a luscious hand dyed Perle cotton form Elin Noble."

Gerrie offers another heart collage that makes me think of a colorful butterfly's wings.

Gerrie said, "I made this last year when I taught a valentine collage class here in Portland.

Marilyn Napper offers a couple of hearts dedicated to and delivered to her beloved Gabe and Abbi. (See below.) She writes, "Here are the valentine's I made for my grandbabies. The purple frilly one is for my heart baby granddaughter who has had twp open heart surgeries (one at 5 months and one at 2 and 1/2 years) and is doing just great. 

The more manly one is for my grandson, who will care less cause he's only 14 months.

Judi Hurwitt painted a reclining heart drinking a fizzy cocktail on a fiber art postcard for Hearts For Anna last year.

Cathy K. made a heart as a treatment on a CQ block this year; it involves many techniques.

She explained, "First, a moleskin-type fabric was cut in the shape of a heart and appliqued onto the block. Then I beaded a heart (from directions found on the internet) and placed that in the center. The edges were covered with a trim, but it was a bit short, so I decorated the upper left corner with a button-centered yo-yo.

I added some stitches and beaded sequins along the inside edge for a little more bling, but not anything to take away from the bead center. The heart was placed in a position to take advantage of the ribbon roses I'd made to the lower right. The pearl-beaded heart, dyed heart lace applique and pink lace were also my work."

Here's a pic of a pink and ivory crazy quilt heart I made several years ago, Betty Pillsbury said. I believe Betty is rather modest about her work. This is so much more than a 'pink and ivory quilt. Such beautiful details and fine embroidery.

Betty will be teaching some classes along with Sharon Boggins and Allison Aller at An Adventure in Crazy Quilting in April.  


Betty said...

Hi Dawn, the hearts you have featured have been wonderful. However, my last name is spelled like the DoughBoy - Pillsbury. Thanks! Happy Valentine's Day!


Dawn said...

Sorry Betty! That's what happens when I'm editing at 2 in the morning! I have a tendency to give people new names when I'm brain dead. My apologies and I have changed your name back to the original dough-boyish moniker. :) I think your heart is lovely! Thanks for sharing!


Betty said...

Dawn, my apologies. You have way too much on your plate right now. Healing thoughts to you and Derrol.