Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today's Question: Where do you shop?

Online, on the street, where do you go for the items you need for your art or quilts or mending or paints or whatever you are doing in the craft room? Lately I've heard of online scammers and that shoppers need to beware, so perhaps we can trade insider information about safe and secure and really great suppliers of all kinds of materials and equipment from needles to batting to chain mail and beyond.

A new location I plan to check out today is Any others I should be checking out? Another one, down the street, is the new Goodwill store.So, please tell me -- where do you find your treasures and necessities?



Caron said...

I like to support my LQS, but it is small and has mostly traditional fabrics. I buy a lot of fabric from They are fast, have a ton of fabrics available in many different categories, and lots of notions. I love their customer service!!! I also like to support quilters with shops... if I need something hand dyed, I go to a fellow quilter who is very talented and has an etsy shop.

Kay said...

I'm lucky to have several good LQS, but they're not good for threads, so I like for that. For online a lesser known fabric source is They seem to carry many closeouts, so it's a good source of bargins.

Dawn said...

LQS -- Local Quilt Stores -- right? I'm terrible at texting. :) Thanks for your comments and I love the way you support fellow quilters, Caron. It amazes me how generous the quilting community is.

And I forget you're up North, Pamela. Your dollar stores sound like the old fashioned hardwares we used to have around here -- you could find everything from decorative tins to ever nail imaginable! Some (way back when) even sold fabric!

I can't wait to get to Goodwill!


Dawn said...

Well, that's embarrassing, I just answered an email AND responded to comments here. Sorry about that. And Kay, I am desperately in need of good thread -- so I'm on my way to check out your recommendation.


Virginia Burnett said...

Joggles is wonderful. Dick Blick is downright dangerous to my bank balance - they have ever so much more than a great selection of paints, pencils and canvas. Buying supplies on Etsy has also been very reliable for me. Sometimes shipping is a little slower than if I bought from an online site but I find that I can usually get better prices on smaller lots from Etsy suppliers than I can from larger retailers and there is a greater selection of quirky stuff that you simply don't see out in mainstream retail.

Lisa said...

I am fortunate enough to have a fabulous LQS ( They don't do internet orders but if you are ever in SLC you will have to stop by! I also like to dye fabrics and I order my dyes and pfd fabrics from Dharma Trading in California.

I LOVE the threads from Superior Threads

If I didn't have such a great LQS I think I would be ordering from equilter. I receive her newsletters and love window shopping there.

Anonymous said...

I try not to shop much so I can reduce my stash somewhat, but I just can't help myself.

Many of the best additions to my stash have been from my fellow Sisters in Cloth members who have traveled to exotic places like Ghana, Hawaii, Japan, or in the States.

I shop anywhere I see something I like, want, or need: local quilt shops, both nearby and when I travel,, QUILT SHOWS, where you find things you can't find anywhere else, or an Etsy vendor. I am watching my mail right now for purchases from Cherrywood and Laura Wasilowski. I have a project waiting.

TexasRed said...

Our LQS is only open during the weekday afternoons, and is an hour away from me, so I do most of my shopping at the Hancock Fabrics that's open on the weekend. Excited to find out they carry fabric dye. Now just have to get brave enough to try using it!

Kathleen C. said...

Since money is tight for me, I shop at local quilt shops and Joann Fabrics for supplies, and I like to support privately owned quilt shops. I save on postage, and I shop the occasional sales.The closest store is 22 miles, so I don't go often.
But I love to look at the online shops, particularly the coordinated packs of fabrics which are so enticing.
I also use Michaels-again, sales and coupons-though Dick Blick is very good too.
I look through Goodwill and a local thrift shop for some things.
I've put a Wanted Ad in and have gotten some bags of misc. fabric and trims. I've been able to use some of the fabrics for items I donate to a local holiday sale.
And, I've begun saving selvages, after reading Karen Griska's blog, so I can make little things for no cost at all.
I sound so cheap! Well, I'm frugal, but I do treat myself to high quality fabrics in small amts. at one time; cheap fabrics will not wear well and do not look appealing.
Thanks for your good blog.
Kathleen C.

Aida Costa said...

I'm very lucky to have many LQS and LYS (yarn) in the Toronto area. Also, Fabricland is a large Canadian fabric chain, and Toronto has several (excellent!!) long-standing independent fabric and trim shops. There are also a few bead shops in Toronto.

As for specialty embroidery threads and more specialized items (such as hard to find books), I've had excellent service ordering online from:

Anonymous said...

Here are my favorites (in no particular order):

My LQS Intown Quilters

Dick Blick is nice. I also enjoy Utrecht and Pearl Paint here in Atlanta, GA. Happy Shopping!

Mrs Moen said...

I shop both locally and online. For fabrics I usually shop at Hancocks of Paducah, and have never had a problem.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through Google !
I'm a quilting/patchwork/applique newbie and a needlework enthusiast and
have had good experiences with:


Online fabric:

Good for stitching Tea Towels:

Hand sewing needles:

Stitchery patterns: (searching for hand embroidery patterns pdf)

Dawn said...

Welcome and thanks for contributing.