Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just for Fun

I like strolling around the Internet looking for quilts. Almost like hiking the Milky Way with glorious vistas and views and surprises lurking at every turn -- or so I would imagine. I Googled the words Just for Fun Quilts and up popped a delightful blog featuring photos and descriptions of the most extraordinary 'fun' quilts in Paducah, Kentucky. The blogger's name is Dawn -- good name -- and her home is Illinois, a place I've lived for several years in another life. And her choices in books pretty much match mine. She's a Diana Gabaldon fan, too. I was drawn to the 'favorite things' quilt she photographed and described. It has a kaleidoscopic design of favorite things that give them a rather mysterious artistic twist.

Continuing my search for 'fun' quilts, I turned to origami and saw the lovely flowers and embellishments we see on quilts these days. And then I discovered Niti Goyal's site of pleated, origami and smocked pillows, scarves, clothing and bedding. Or as she describes it "three dimensional wearable [and usable] art."

Wearable origami clothing has its own name: Orinuno and gives a quilter and crafter and lover of fabric a head full of ideas for quilt or clothing embellishments. Fabric folding with a holiday theme already has several books available to offer ideas and how-tos. Check out Simple Fabric Folding for Halloween or her Simple Fabric Folding for Christmas, both by Liz Aneloski.

The ultimate fun quilt for someone like me involves words, stories and quilting. Mary Lou Weidman has combined all of those elements in her story quilts. What a great jumping off place to make up your own story quilt. Topics are only limited by your own imagination. From Teddy Bear picnics to fairy tales and favorite books, to an anecdote from your own life. This type quilts give you freedom to use fabrics that you may have shied away from in the past. Maybe make a holiday story quilt based upon your family's own traditions. My mother-in-law always served spaghetti and meatballs on Christmas -- I can just see a spaghetti border with trios of meatballs like holly berries....


Dawn said...

Yes I believe you have a wonderful name! I guess there are still some of "us" around! Thanks for visiting and mentioning my blog - it is always fun to meet new quilters. If your interested in words in quilts, you need to spend some time scrolling through (and back) in Tonya's blog - she does amazing free letter quilts. I"d list some but there are so many I would be here all night!

Dawn said...

Thanks for commenting, Dawn. And for recommending Tonya's blog. Her Blooming Horrors is an absolute riot! Definitely worth checking out. And an American living in Paris -- what an adventure! Tonya has the life! But, Dawn is still the best name. :)